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Ways to obtain xp Empty Ways to obtain xp

Post  Genshin Urara on Thu Aug 21, 2008 2:20 pm

*important* Remember your position once u write, if you write and u an academy student please dont write about "using awesome poer" or "taking over the world" your an academy student not jesus.
*important #2* BE CREATIVE AND DESCRIPTIVE!!!!! if you do you get my attention, therefore getting more xp for what u write.

1. Writing omakes,training sessions, and missions
D & C Missions: Max of 40xp.
B & A Missions: Max of 50xp.
S Missions: Max of 70xp.
2. recruiting; if you get a person to join, pm me the account of the person u got to join and ill award u 10xp
3. suggestions; if you make a suggestion and i find it useful ill award you 5xp

4.duo writing,this means you write a story with someone else...you write some the other person write some, and it keeps switching off till the story is done. If you and someone else writes a duo story you both get awarded xp according to if its an omake and training or a mission, then u get bonus xp for making the story a duo one.

5.Fighting,this means you write a story against someone...for this to happen you need to ask the person who are fighting for permission to fight. Once you start a fight story each write CANNOT write about what the other person does. ONLY what there character does...

(example for bad "I threw a ninja star at him and it hit him in the face)
(example for good "i threw a ninja star at him,*next writer*I dodged the star at ran to him*next writer* i saw him coming and grabbed a kunai")

...Overall Fighting stories are won by who has the more stats, a person with more stats then another person CANNOT lose in a fight with the person. Make sure if you both decide to write a fighting story you make it good, becuase fighitng stories have a max of 30 xp, which a normal omake story has a max of 20xp. plus you will get a bonus like duo writing...

6. Drawing- If you draw good but write badly this is for you! you can just simply draw and get the pics on ur comp, and post them here and ill award xp based on how good the picture is- max xp is 50 (50=perfect picture, the picture makes me cry)
*IMPORTANT* plz draw our logo on the pic for insurance...our logo is the one on the top of the page "NARUTO ,with ,FANS!, under the UTO...
{Any questions plz pm me or post them in this thread}

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