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Post  Genshin Urara on Sat Aug 23, 2008 6:45 pm

Ok this is a fairly new addition,
You get items for the appropiate rank you are(see ranks for more info)

ok here are the item discriptions:
-headband=+1 in Agility
-chounin jacket=+2 in intellect and willpower
-jounin jacket=+3 in strength, endurance, and willpower
-Special Jounin Headband= +4 in Agility and Strength.
-ANBU invatation=Turn this in to the hokage to be a ANBU(you acualy need to PM the current hokage and give him ur ANBU invite)

-Hokage robe=This allow the wearer to lead konoha, +5 in any 2 stat you want
-ANBU mask=+3 in all stats
-Legendary item=+4 in all stats
-Cracked ANBU mask=+2 in all stats, if you wear this you are considerd a traitor to konoha
-Missing nin tacker=+3 in all stats only if you are fighting a missing nin

(you can wear only 2 items, example: a headband, a jounin jacket. you CANNOT wear 2 things that go in the same place, emxaple:a headband, a ANBU mask or a chounin jacket, a jounin jacket. and you only get the bonus if you wear the item and in your signature put the bonus you get in | |, example: your wearing a headband this would be it: Agility:2|+1| )

Items info Genshin-urara-2
Name: Genshin Urara
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Element: Mixed

Accessory: Hokage robe

Level 18


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