When i was young...

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When i was young... Empty When i was young...

Post  Brando on Sun Aug 24, 2008 5:40 pm

"daddy!", Brando says trying to get his dad's attention. "Daddy lookit!" Brando then takes his wooden sword and slices it in the air several times. Hia dad laughs and pats him on the head, "you grew up so fast lil Branny." Brando then smiles and runs insides the house.

---later that night---

Brando wakes up to a flashing light coming from outside his window. He gets up and walks to his windows and looks through it. He see his father using Thunder techniqes in the middle of their lake behind their house. He gets excited and starts t get dressed. He runs down stair and goes to the back door. He opens it and walks ouside, "DAAA!", but before he could finish he sees his dad's body fall to the ground. He sees a man in a dark robe with red spots on it standing next to his fathers dead body. All of a sudden Brando mother rushes out and grabs him and takes him inside. His mother takes him to a room and then pulls down on a mantle on the wall. A part of the wall opens revealing a secret room. His mom pushes Brando inside and says "stay here! Dont push this till you hear nothing!" his mom says point at a button with the word , unlock, on it. She takes one last look at Brando and shuts the door. Brando then sits down in the dark little room his mother told him to stay in. He remembers his fathers face as he hit the ground. He then starts crying. He hears lots of booming noises and then after a while its stops. He says,"ooo...ok" He then pats his hands on the wall untill he feel the button. He gets it and presses it. The wall opens and Brando walks out of the room. The house's roof has a huge whole in it and there are alot of things broken. The man from before at the lake, walks in the room brando is in. He sees brando and smirks. Brando noticed that the red dots wernt dots they were clouds. then he remembers his father telling him, "WAtch out for ppl who carry the symbol of the red cloud! they are extremly dangerous!". He then starts to whimper and looks at the man. The man lifts up his arm then flicks a kunai it his hand. He takes his kunai then pauses. He looks at brando then throws his kunai at him. Brando closes his eyes, and puts his arms over his face. He hears a puff like sound and then looks up. He sees a little cloud of smoke infernt of him where the man was then looks behind him. He sees the kunai that the man threw. he walks up to it and pulls it out of the wall. He stares at it and thinks to himself, "Sorry i couldnt help you father."

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When i was young... Empty Re: When i was young...

Post  Genshin Urara on Sun Aug 24, 2008 5:46 pm

o0o0o nice origin story
i like how u implented akatsuki into ur familes death! briliant!
umm im gunna just give you 17 xp for this.

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