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Post  Genshin Urara on Tue Aug 26, 2008 3:16 am

Ok this mission is going to be a simple one, brando...
i want you to go to a man named mizuka ruziaki, who lives in a farm a little south from konoha,and pretty much helphim with anything he needs for the day.
housework, errands, whatever....He is a rly good friend of mine and his son just died in battle so plz be a nice hlep, thank you.

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Mission for Brando Empty Re: Mission for Brando

Post  Brando on Tue Aug 26, 2008 5:56 pm

As Brando starts to head away from the ramen shop he just ate at, he cant stop think that this mission given to him was lame. Brndo rolls his eyes and says in a low tone, "but i gotta get it done." Brando stops walking and starts running, he passes alot of konohas houseing and other buildings. He gets to the main gate and asks a guard there, "where is south from this gate?" The guard points to brando left and then brando nods and starts running in that direction. He decides to run through the forest, cutting down time. He jumps on a tree branch and jumps off of it to another one. He continues this until he gets to an opening. He lands on the ground and sees a cottage not far from him. He rolls his eyes and starts walking.
He gets to the house and knocks on the door. He waits but no reply. "Hello? Anyone home?", he says trying to look through the fron windows of the house. He hears a noise from the back of the house and starts walking to it. Once he gets there he sees a man chopping wood. He says, "Hello i am"- but the man interuputs him by turnning quickly and throwing a kunai at him. Brando opens his eyes wide as the kunai his him in the chest. All of sudden smoke covers brando, then log hits the ground. Brando appears on the roof of the man's house. He jumps back down and shouts, "Are you crazy! You almost killed me!" The man looks at brando and then notices his konoha headband, he smiles then puts out his hand, "Sorry for that, im mizuka. You can call me Zu." BRando shakes the mans hand while rolling his eyes.
"Sorry about that i get alot of bandits wanting my property, so i have to be on alert.", Mizuka says as he continues to chop the remaining wood. Brando stands, with his head scratching the back of his head, "Ummm"- But then gets interupeted by mizuka. "You can start picking some carrots." mizuka says as he points behind him to his farm. Brando sighs and heads to the farm. "i cant belive im doing this! im a ninja for christ's sake!", brando says in a low tone as he starts to pluck the carrots in the ground. After he finishes picking about 20 carrots, and putting them into a basket, brando walks up the mizuka and sets the basket down."Anything else Zu?", brando says in a irratated tone. mizuka thinks to himself and then points to the house, "Can u go clean the dishes that are piled up in the kitchen?" BRando rolls his eyes then nods and starts walking to the house. He gets inside and goes to the kitchen. "WAAAAHHH!", brando excalims after seein all the stacked dirty dishes next to mizuka's sink. BRando slouches, rolls his eyes, and starts to clean. Brando then hears a explosion from outside, He lets go of a plate he was holding, cuaseing it to fall and break on the ground. He runs outside, only to see two men attacking mizuka. "Im only a genin! what can i do!" Brando thinks to himself. Brando takes out a kunai and runs towrds mizuka, but all of a sudden another man appears behind him, and hits hi on the back of his neck, with the handle of his sword. Brando stops running and falls to the ground, then passes out.
He wakes up in a bed, he looks out the window next to him , and its night time. Then Mizuka walks in the room hes in carrying some soup on a plate. He sets the plate on BRando's lap and hands him a sppon, "Eat up!" Mizuka says smiling at brando. "What happened? everything fine?", brando says surprised and confused. "Like i said, bandits attack my residence every now and then. I used to be a Jounin, but im too old for missions. but i still have the moves in me! So i kicked there butts and the ran home to mama!" Mizuka says giving brando a thumbs up.Brando then nods in excitement then closes his eyes and falls back to sleep. "AH, at least hes not dead!" mizuka says taking the soup and tucking brando in.
Brando Wakes up the next morning and runs outta bed. "Zu! mizuka!" brando yells while running through the house. BRando then gets to a note, "Hi brando, thanks for your help! i informed the hokage about your good doings! thank you once again!" Brando smiles then walks outside the house rereading the note. when he gets outside he takes a big brethe and starts to run back to konoha. "See ya later old man!" brando thinks to himself running home.

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