A fight for life.

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A fight for life. Empty A fight for life.

Post  xxxxkurankanamexxxx on Tue Sep 02, 2008 8:35 pm

Kuran was sent trew the forest looking for fruits. As he heard movements Kuran walk as a kuni stab his leg Kuran scream "AHHHHH!" Kuran removes it and trys to stay on his foots.A ninja came out and said "You souldn't be here all alone." Kuran said "You fool what is your name" As he replied "Light Yagami and what your name" Kuran answerd "Kuran kaname" Kuran rush at Light Naruto run Light jump and sent someke bombs. Kuran clone disaoeard Kuran Kick him from behind.Light hit the tree Light said "Kuran u fight well."

Kuran jump at him and kick his head Light cough out blood. Light punch Kuran "AHHH!" Kuran fell to the ground Kuran cough out blood. Light stomp on him and kick him around.Light kick Kuran hard enough to make Kuran brake the tree.Kuran:"AHHHHH!" Kuran got up and ran at Light Kuran punch Light face.Kuran fought back Kuran Kick his guts. Kuran Punch Light face again. Light: "K.....Kuran it not OVER!!!" Light punch Kuran guts he trew him aginst the tree He stomp on Kuran face.

Kuran started feeling more power as dark some coverd him. unknown:"You chosed the wrong day to mess with me" Light back away in fright affraid W....what are you. Unknown: "I am Hollow Knight." Kuran tryed to get control back Kuran: "AHHHH!!" Light punch Hollow. Hollow Jab Light Hollow trew Light as he hit 3 trees. Hollow rush at him Naruto K run He put chakra in His hand Black chakra n press it agisnt his chest.

Naruto Rasengan Hollow kick him punch and punch him Naruto Kick It over Hollow broke half of the forest with Light. People saw the trees braking. So they rush to it they see Kuran was in demon fromed. Kuran Put all hid black chakra in to one hand Hollow: " It the end for you light" He thouches Light. Light hits half of the forest. Kuran:"This is the end Light" Kuran fanited Light scream "AHHHHHH IT NOT THE END." Light fanited as well. They took both of them to the hospitol.

Kuran and Light were alive but half dead.The fight ended well they both fought for their lives.

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A fight for life. Empty Re: A fight for life.

Post  Genshin Urara on Tue Sep 02, 2008 8:55 pm

good story, 12 xp awarded

A fight for life. Genshin-urara-2
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