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Nowe tests his abilities Empty Nowe tests his abilities

Post  Itachi on Sun Sep 14, 2008 11:55 am

As Nowe eats a bowl of ramen as he thinks to himself "I need to train something,but wat..." as he walks out he thinks "That's it!I'll test my skills by testing my chakra!Now all i need is to find some trees a river,and some deep concentration."Nowe dashes to the forest,by the river he fishes in.He begins with simple techniches like tree climbing.He draws the chakra onto his feetand dashe up the tree.After overcoming all of them,he goes for the largest tree he can find.Impressed by the height,he goes at it head-on.Somehow,he can't reach the top."What am I dooinng wrong,I draw the chakra but I can't reach the top,I'll have to try harder." Nowe gets a little closer.After several hours he lays exausted against a tree resting.

As he rests,a mysterious man walks by and says to him "I see you are having troubles with your chakra control,yougn lad.Come with me,I will show you the ways of the chakra and how to manouver it." Impressed by the man's knowlage,he follows him. "Here we are!" Says the mysterious man.Nowe is impressed by his home,it is a dojo where all kinds of training may be done.It seemed a little strange,as he never noticed it here before.Nowe leaves the questioning aside as he prepares himsellf for his training."Now!Show me your techniche." Nowe intends to climb up one of poles in the chakra control part of the dojo.Half way there he falls down.The man says "Wrong!all wrong!".Nowe replies "Well,I dont see you doing anything,you old geezer."The man walks calmly,walking up the pole and back down again.Nowe is impressed and asks "But how did you?!--what did?!--".

The man explains to him "It is not your chakra level,but how you control it that matters.Chakra does not make the ninja,his skill with it does." Nowe remembered those words."So how do i do that?" asks Nowe."You must first calmly draw the chakra to your feet,not rush it." Nowe calmly starts drawing chakra to his feet takibg his time for a flawless execution.The man says:"Your techniche is good,but your concentration is lacking and your confidence over flowing." Nowe answers:"Fine.Concentrate...draw chakra..." The man says "Imagine the chakra as an aura.This 'aura' ,if you will,is holding you up.Instead of just lifting yourself with it,try making it run up with you." Nowe rushes up the pole and succesfully gets to the top.

Nowe then wakes up.Unaware of what just happened,he is leaning against a tree.He feels confident and remembers everything.He concentrates and climbs the whole tree.Exited by his new skill on chakra control,he heads on home.Another lesson learned.Nowe remembered the mans words:"It is not your chakra level,but how you control it that matters.Chakra does not make the ninja,his skill with it does." Unaware of what happened,dream or not,it helped him manouver his chakra.That was all that mattered."Who was that man...?" Whispers Nowe to himself as he heads back home.

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Nowe tests his abilities Empty Re: Nowe tests his abilities

Post  Genshin Urara on Sun Sep 14, 2008 12:42 pm

hmm that was good! i see great writing coming from you!
20 xp, congrats for max xp

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