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Post  demonhunter94 on Mon Sep 15, 2008 5:28 pm

Takeshi waking up morning, getting ready to go to the academy. While reaching the academy, the academy master says " Takeshi your late! " and he says " yea yea im here aint i? ", the master just stares. the master says " ok today we'll be training on chakra control " the class just daydream pretending to pay attention. Takeshi says " aww come on u old geezer teach us something new thats usefull " , the class just laughs. the master yells at Takeshi saying " Takeshi pay attention!! " he just continues to mock him. The master just stares at him angerly and says " Takeshi i would like to see u after class! " , after class Takeshi waits outside for his master. The master says follow me Takeshi, and so he does and he realises his master has taken him to the training dojo.

Takeshi says " what are we doing here? " the master replies " for your punishment instead of detention im gonna make u work hard and earn discipline. Takeshi just stares and listens to his master, and the master says " ok lets start with your throwing " the master gives Takeshi some shuruken and some kunai. Takeshi starts to throw them but hits on the edges of the target, " no no no " the master says dont try to throw so hard and wild try to be swift and accurate and be confident in yourself and you'll get it. Takeshi after a few hours starts getting the hang of it, The master just congratulates him and says " well done lets move on ".

The master brings Takeshi to a big pole, he says " now lets practice ur chakra control because as of what i know you arent really good at this ", he says now try to climb this pole. Takeshi puts his hands together and draws chakra, then starts to run up the pole then falls back half way. " No all wrong " the master said, and Takeshi said " well what do u expect i hate this " so the master says its not because you hate it, its because you cant do it, you must beleive in youself and draw your chakra slowly and focus dont be in a rush. Takeshi puts his hands together and slowly drawing chakra, He starts to run up the pole and Takeshi makes it to the top after a few good minutes. Takeshi sees the master impressed, the master says " congratz i see you are improving really fast to be a really good ninja, i see alot in you " Takeshi says " thanks if it wasnt for your help i probably wouldnt learn anything and not pay attention so thanks " so the master tells Takeshi to get a good rest for tomorrows class, and so Takeshi listens to goes back home.

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Post  Genshin Urara on Mon Sep 15, 2008 5:52 pm

nice to see ur writing!
15 xp bro

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