Kuran is back.

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Kuran is back. Empty Kuran is back.

Post  xxxxkurankanamexxxx on Wed Sep 17, 2008 6:42 pm

Kuran was up to get out the hospital. He told the doctor "what happnd to him?" He replied "They say it was you who did that to him" Kuran saw Ichigo waiting. Ichigo want to fight Kuran "Kuran will u like to fight?" He replied "Sure Ichigo." They walk to a good spot in the forest As some on was spying on them. They were standing "You reading Kuran?" "You bet Ichigo!" Kuran runs at Ichigo Kuran looks up "Ahhh!" 4 Kunai stab his shirt froceing him to a tree Ichigo rushes at him punches him a couple n knees him. Kuran cough out blood "Ahhh!" As the spy looks at the fight Ichigo punches him more. Kuran brakes free he grabs Ichigo by the neck Kuran looks at him with dark black eyes Ichigo was scared the spy jump at Kuran "Shiro" Kuran said shiro said "Ichigo You know better u almost died." Kuran try to get up as he said "Shiro get off of me!"

Shiro refused Kuran started to over power him "AHHHHH!" Get off Shiro. Shiro gets off Kuran said "Why you tackel me for?" Ichigo are match isnt over Shiro jump away as Kuran disapeard Ichigo look around Kuran was puting chakra in to his palm "Ichigo turn around" Kuran put his palm on his chest. Sends Ichigo flying far Naruto Rasengan Ichigo gets up "This isnt....OVER!!" Kuran punch him a couple times Ichigo uper cut kuran punch him Naruto Kick They both punch each orther in the face and fell knock out shiro nodded "Indeed what a fight" 2hours later they woke up.

Kuran hear knocking on the door he opens it kuran was shock Shocked Light was at the door. "I came for my rematch."

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Kuran is back. Empty Re: Kuran is back.

Post  Genshin Urara on Wed Sep 17, 2008 6:46 pm

lol nice 14 xp awarded

Kuran is back. Genshin-urara-2
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