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Squad info(just for viewing) Empty Squad info(just for viewing)

Post  Genshin Urara on Wed Aug 20, 2008 7:05 pm

(These squads aren't based from the show, fictional squads)
This is a list of the squads,who leads them, and who is in them.
Once you reach the Genin lvl the hokage places you into a squad and picks a jounin to lead you as your sensei.
If you reach the jounin level you can get placed as the leader of a squad and replace the current one.

Squad1-Lead by Hurani Shin

Squad2-Lead by Jukto Mizuki

Squad3-Lead by Panipo Mateo

Squad4-Lead by:Jounin-Kakuze Nimbar
squad members:

Squad5-Lead by Ishida Nora

Squad6-Lead by:Jounin- Neteyo Kutski
squad members:
Genin- Takeshi Mamoru

Squad7-Lead by Hayden Hyibusha

There are no request for squad placement, Hokage picks
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