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Mission for Takeshi Empty Mission for Takeshi

Post  Genshin Urara on Wed Sep 17, 2008 9:23 pm

Takeshi i have heard of hidden sand nin, coming close to konoha and planting things by the gate. I know we have peace with the sand village but we need to make precoutions. Plz check out what, if any, things the sand nin are planting. mot important thing1 NO confrontations! If you get in a situation plz return to konoha imediatley, you are no match, at ur curent lvl, to fight a trained sand nin. .... thats all

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Genshin Urara
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Mission for Takeshi Empty Re: Mission for Takeshi

Post  demonhunter94 on Wed Sep 17, 2008 9:50 pm

yes sir while saluting to the hokage then Takeshi dissapears in a cloud of smoke. Takeshi starts to head over to the gates, Takeshi starts to think everything over before departing. Takeshi starts to run on trees, leaping onto tree to another,Takeshi stops and spots 2 sand ninja so he starts to hid and see what there doing. Takeshi sees them planting something but he doesnt know what so he moves slowly to another angle trying to spot what there planting. Takeshi's eyes widen when he see's both of the sand ninja are planting sand traps, He wonders why there planting these traps if were in peace. Takeshi tries to get a closer look then notices he has been spotted, Takeshi starts to run back to konoha village but the ninja catches up. Takeshi notices and thinks quickly turns fast and puts the hand signs " TIGER...OX...SERPENT....DRAGON! " quickly plants palm on tree bark then a elemenal ninja appears. Takeshi says hold them off! The elemental ninja starts to hold off the ninja while Takeshi runs back to the village. Takeshi reaches the village and he puts his hands together and says " CON REALEASE " then seperates his hands, he runs back to the hokage and says " Hokage the sand ninja are planting these kinds of sand traps all over the gates ".

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