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Post  Genshin Urara on Tue Sep 23, 2008 7:28 pm

As Genshin strolls through the forest with a suave attitude, he notices the late blooming flowers on the trees. He smiles as he remembers a tree ,like the one that was before him, that was next to his house growing up. The pretty flower that would fall of reminded him of all the times he would pick flowers from that tree and give them to his mother. He nods slowly and continues walking. He notices the pack of ANBU following him as bodyguards. He smirks and shakes his head side to side. Genshin slowly picks up his walking speed, till he is running, then till he is sprinting, then till he is moving so fast all you see is a blur. The ANBU following him get surprised and try to keep up with his pace. Genshin leaps off of every branch every tree has to offer just to get rid of the pack following him. He looks back to see if there is any ANBU behind him, then he looks foreward. He notices the huge tree he is about to run into, but he smiles and merely moves his head to the side. The tree gets crushed to the ground in less the a second by Genshin's gravity jutsu. Then Genshin just leaps acroos the smashed tree and lands on the ground.

"Maybe that was to much", genshin says as he's scrathing his head and smiling. Akunai comes flying out at him and he quickly dpdges. e turns around and says, " What the hell guys? ANBU arnt supposed to attack the hokage!" Then again a kunai comes out and genshin sidestepps it. Lastly a third one comes out and once again Genshin moves to the side. " OK! ENOUGH!" Genshin shouts. Genshin looks at the ground and notics small little ball arranged around where Genshin is standing. " Oh shi----- Genshin gets cut of by the exploding bombs. Genshin reappers in a nearby tree, but leaves a clone where the bombs where. He notices two men come out to check the body.

"So this is the leaf village's hokage huh?" They both luagh and one kicks the body. The body vanishes in a cloud of smoke and the two men jump in surprise. Genshin jumps out from the tree and lands behind the men. "I suppose you two are bounty hunters?" Genshin says walking closer to them. The two men quickly trun around, and one makes a couple hand signs then says, " Fire! fireball jutsu!" Genshin smirks and slowly sets his hand out with an open palm in front of him. The man shoots the ball of fire at Genshin, but it fails, as it stops right before Genshin. Genshin slowly closes his hand, and at the same time the ball gets smaller until its nothing. Genshin says, "You cannot beat me, i would advise you to leave now." The men , in shock, quickly pull out kunai and rush Genshin. Genshin shakes his head from side to side and looks at one of the men's leg. He focuses, then it crushes with the immense force of gravity. The man screams in horror and falls to the ground. The other stops running and says, "Wait ill lea----- But genshin focuses the gravity in front of the man's head and makes a needle-like shape with it. then sends it into the mans skull, the man falls to the floor. He goes up to the man crying in pain and says, " Whoever sent you, tell them i'm always ready for fun!" He laughs he walks away. The mand tries to attack for the last time with his kunai by throwing it. Genshin quickly turns around, focuses the gravity around the mans arm, compresses it, then pulls his bone out, and sends it into his head. He stands up straight, fixes himself up and says, " Hmpf that was no fun at all..."

Finally turning Hostile Genshin-urara-2
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