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Post  Phantom4 on Tue Sep 23, 2008 9:54 pm

Seventh Day, second hour,
I look through my scope once more to see if I can spot the bastard. Ever since the war I've been on the move, and waiting for the Russians to catch up. I've been sitting here with my rifle for seven days now waiting for them to walk over the berm. It's very cold during the fall in Siberia. Although it wasn't snowing the wind still stung my face like needles. I still don't move no matter how cold I am. I take my eye away from the scope and start to daydream which is a bad thing. I dream about the usual, like what would have happened if I didn't join the military during the great conflict. I was young back then and I wasn't thinking. Looking back now I wonder if I would have survived if it wasn't for the training the SEALs gave me. I check my scope again and find that a squirrel has moved out of a tree six hundred meters away. The wind is getting more choppy so I change the dial on my scope. It must be at ten miles per hour now. Not to difficult but can be the difference between a hit and miss. I take my eye away from the scope to avoid tunnel vision. I feel like my entire life has been through a high powered sniper scope. I joined up at eighteen and became a sniper at twenty. Now look at me, I'm forty three and now I'm stuck in the aftermath of the war. No governments and no rules means everyone's a target. I don't care how old or what gender you are, you give me away and I'll end you. I look into the scope again and find what I've been looking for. The Russian men who feel obligated on killing me and taking my rifle to trade for goods. No way are they getting my M40 rifle with match grade 7.62mm 150 grain shot rifle. I customized this baby to fit all of a snipers needs. They come up over the hill seven hundred meters off. I'll wait for them to get closer. I'm on a hill above theirs and they're about to walk into the little valley separating us. I'm shooting on an incline so I have to dial that into my scope. I place my crosshairs at the leaders neck so if my bullet goes where I think it will it should hit him straight in the chest. If not I either get a head shot or neck shot. I wait till he gets to the tree I marked at six hundred meters when I slowly put pressure on the trigger. The rifle bucks into my shoulder as the round exits the barrel at supersonic speeds. I see the vapor trail for just a second when the bullet hits the leader in the chest. Always aim for center of mass was the first thing they told me. The bullet penetrated his body and splintered inside his chest ripping out his organs making an instant kill for me. I pull back the bolt and eject the round putting a new one in as I slide it back home. The other two guys start to run towards the tree i marked at seven hundred and fifty meters. I dial that into my scope and place the crosshairs on the other man. I squeeze the trigger again and the bullet hits him in the hip. He's not dead but he can wait. His friend is already at the eight hundred meter mark when I pull the trigger and get a head shot. The other man is still alive but barely. I place another round into the chamber and center the crosshairs on his head. Easy shot. His head turns into pink dust after I pull the trigger.
That ends that and thats three more kills for me. I think I'm somewhere between seven hundred and eight hundred kills now. Its been seven years since the end of the war and for some reason people still keep fighting. This is hell and I live in it, no government and no rules, my kind of place.

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Post  Genshin Urara on Tue Sep 23, 2008 10:35 pm

man if u were on the site for realz ithat would be a 20xp story
but ur not so ill just grade ur stories outta ten, so 9.8/10

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