Jensei,the package's only hope. The seal can do more...Part IV

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Jensei,the package's only hope. The seal can do more...Part IV

Post  Itachi on Wed Sep 24, 2008 11:33 pm

...Sensei dashes through the forest headed for a city not to far from Konoha.He goes to an antique store."Hello?Jensei,are you here?"yells sensei as he walks in."Huh?Hey long time no see!!--" says Jensei as he is interrupted by sensei."No time!!What can you tell me about THIS?!" semsei puts the package in front of Jensei.Jensei opens the package and pulls out a sealed box."Where--Where did you find this?!".Asks a surprised Jensei."Apperantly some village was looking for it.A ninja was found carrying it.It was a young girl and she was being chased by a ninja and was injured.My student was able to retrieve the package,and sliced the oposing ninja's arm off.Turns out he's the only one remaining with the seal blade bloodline.It's a long story,but I need to know what this box is."explains sensei."Well,this box belonged to the mist village,if I'm correct.But why would someone be after see,this box has a very powerful seal.This being the case,it is not much of a threat,since there is an extremely,if at all,posibility of breaking it.If broken,it contains a power,possibly in the form of an artefact,wich may be broken to absorb its power,and if it is obtained its possesor will have a substantial amount of power,enough to conquer all the villages,But with such a seal,why would they go after it...UNLESS!!They have aquired a scroll powerful enough to break it.Even so they will need a sacrifice,or some price to pay of some sort."explains Jensei."Well,what should we do now?I can't afford to eave it alone anywere or simply carry it around with me."replies sensei."Well i suggest you leave it here.I can study it further more and see what I can do,in the meantime,see what you can learn about the village that may explain the reason for capturing this artifact."says Jensei.

Sesnsei returns to Konoha to check up on Nowe."Welcome back sensei.So,you deal with the package?"asks Nowe."Yes,I left it in the hands of an old colleague of mine.His name is Jensei.We'll go to check up on the package soon,but for now we need to do some serious information gathering."replies sensei."Sensei and Jensei,huh?Speaking of wich,you never did tell meyour name."says Nowe."My name is not important right now.In due time I will tell you,but for now,I have my reasons.We'll head out first thing in the morning."says sensei."Wait,I want to come along too,sensei-sama."saya the Mizumi."Fine,but you need to be ready and in full condition to fight and go the distance,so unless you feel perfectly,you're not coming."replies sensei. "I do,I feel perfectly fine.My wounds have healed."says Mizumi. "Then its settled.The three of us will head out tomorrow first thing in the morning."

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Re: Jensei,the package's only hope. The seal can do more...Part IV

Post  Genshin Urara on Thu Sep 25, 2008 8:25 am

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