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Post  Phantom4 on Wed Sep 24, 2008 11:57 pm

First day, Zero hour
The explosion rocks the ground beneath my feet. I'm in the middle of battle between the titan powers. They both fight over nothing and will win nothing in the end. I look at the battlefield in which the two groups are fighting. A long expansion of desert separating Iraq and Kuwait. It's nothing but a frying pan of heat and death in this godless country. Then again I can't really say any country has god anymore. The two sides are going at it like I've never seen them before. The brothers of power must have had disagreement. I watch from a distance through my scope as the battle entices. I need to get through that somehow. I strap my rifle to my back and draw my pistol. A little sigsauer 45. that I've had since the beginning of this hell. It would do for now before I can get my hands on something better. As I walk down I can see trenches from one of the Army's. Ill trained men who don't know the first thing about warfare. I drop into the trench with my pistol drawn. I walk down to a little overhang and ready my weapon. A man in an old World War helmet walks out with a nice M4. I raise my weapon and put two rounds in his chest. I holster my pistol as another explosion rocks the ground. For fuck's sake they have artillery. I pick the M4 and check to make sure there's a round in the chamber. I active the Holographic Weapon Sight and walk down into the little machine gun nest. I have the weapon on automatic for close quarters and walk in. Two men covered in dirt look up at me. I put a burst of fire into both of them. I walk over to their now steaming body's and pick up ten magazines of ammo and place them in my vest. I switch the weapon to single and walk out of the nest. I'm in the shit now as a charge is signaled for attack. I check my compass to see which way I need to go. Just my luck it's in the direction of the charge. You've got to be kidding me. I jump back down to the nest as I hear a shell coming in. The explosion hits fifty meters in front of me. I pull out my rifle and set down the M4. I look through the sites and see the other side blowing the shit out of the charging side. I set my scope to three hundred meters and start to work. The only way for me to get through this alive is to let one side win. So I quickly scan the area for the biggest value target. I place the crosshairs on a machine gunner and squeeze the trigger. The rifle cracks but I could barely hear it due to all the gunfire. The mans head explodes in my sights and chamber another round. I scan again and place the crosshairs on a forward observer. I squeeze again and once again the rifle cracks. The bullet hits his chest and he falls to the ground dead. I see another observer four hundred meters away. I set the dial and pull the trigger. The man was dead before he hit the ground. Then out of nowhere I hear voices in the next room. I place my rifle on my back and pick up the M4. I keep it on single and kick in the door to the room. A man on a radio is in there and I put a bullet in his head. His blood splatters the back wall and I walk out. These guys are starting to get more high-tech for a renegade army. I leave the bunker as the side that charge enters the other army's lines and starts to kill them. I look through binoculars as they pull limbs apart and severe heads and place them on rifle's. I start walk towards them. The gun fire has stopped except for celebratory firing into the air. I walk past the lines without being noticed when one of them looks at me. He raises his rifle to me. His last move in this life. I drop to one knee and put two in his chest with the M4. No one else realizes the shots because of the chaos. This battle is over, but the fighting will never stop as long as the ammo doesn't run out. I make my way towards the border.

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Battle of Titans Empty Re: Battle of Titans

Post  Genshin Urara on Thu Sep 25, 2008 8:30 am

sweeeeet! action! yay!
9.8/10 (couldve used a scene where he rushed into a room and shanked sum1)

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