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Post  Phantom4 on Tue Sep 30, 2008 11:53 pm

Fourth Day, Tenth hour,
They have me in this room tied to a chair with duck tape. I'm alone for now with wires hooked into my body. The fact that I'm here represents stupidity on my behalf. They had caught me and after I supposedly killed the leaders brother. Fuck if I know, even if I did it was probably coming to him. Every person I've killed had it coming. The door opens and the lights turn on. My eyes are blinded as they try to adjust to change in lighting so suddenly. One of the men walks off into the corner and gets behind a machine that looks like a car battery. The other walks up to me in this outfit that looks like he just came out of a bad fifty's film. He puts the had down for dramatic affect to show he knows what he's doing. This man was trained well in interrogation, but I was trained better in counter interrogation. The U.S government spent a lot of money making sure I won't die or give anything away. This won't be the first interrogation I've been in.
"You're American,yes," he asks in a thick African accent. He's probably from South Africa.
"Yes," I respond. These questions are only for torture. This man must be the one who's brother I killed. In a world with no governments the only thing this gang would want from me is satisfaction.
"You killed my brother,no?"
"In all probability, yes." No need to play it like I have something to hide. In SERE school they taught me not to a macho man and to let them have a little information after a bit of torture. It was meant to make them think they got something important when really we just told them something useless. That won't work here seeing how all they want is to watch me die slowly.
"You killed him with this rifle, no?"
"I don't know." The other man flicks a switch and my entire body feels as if I'm on fire. I twitch and squirm as electricity flies through my body.
"How does it feel to have one hundred volts of electricity in your body. Not good,yes?" It stops after what feels like hours.
"One more time I didn't quite feel the last one." The man looks mad now and tells the other to up the notch a bit. The pain comes back but I don't scream. If I give them anything they'll just kill me faster. I need to find a way out of this. It stops again and I smell burning flesh.
"You felt that,no?"
"I think I may have felt something but I'm not sure." The man cracks and he pulls out a knife. He puts it on my throat.
"Then why don't I just cut you up into little pieces?" He's leaning to much into me and head-butt him. I then lean back and the chair falls to the ground and breaks. I rip the handles off with my hands still tied to them. The man with the knife makes a stab at me but I quickly block it with one of the arms. I get his hand with the arms and I elbow him in the face twice. The knife falls down and so does he. The other man pulls out a pistol but I slam into him at full speed. I break his elbow with my hand and brad the gun. Both men are on the ground. I take the knife and I cut myself loose from the arms of the chair still tied to me. I pick up the pistol and knife and head for the door. I turn back and I put a bullet in both of their heads. I walk out of the room into another where all my gear is stowed. I sling my rifle onto my back after dressing myself with all of my gear. I level my pistol and open the other door. Two more guys are in there not facing me. I put two bullets in both of their heads. I always hate the bullshit story's you hear about soldiers who kill with their hands or knife. That's in the movies, I was trained so that if I have a gun then use it. I walk into the next room and am attacked by a big man. He grabs me and slams me into the wall. I drop my pistol and the man kicks it away. This guy must be at least seven feet and two hundred and eighty pounds of muscle. He grabs me by the neck and starts to strangle me. He lifts me up and I start to black out. I elbow him in the face and his hands let up. I quickly use this and I wrap my legs around his waist. I slap both of his ears at the same time temporally making him deaf. I then punch him in the face three times and he lets go. I jump down and drive him into the wall. I knee him in the stomach and follow it up the a chop to the neck. I then punch him in the face and he staggers back. I see my pistol on the ground and I leap for it. I grab it and aim it at his head. I squeeze the trigger and his head explodes into the wall. I open the next door and it leeds me outside. I'm in the jungle somewhere in Africa. Well at least I'm alive.

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Post  Genshin Urara on Thu Oct 02, 2008 12:27 am

zomg acdtion! woot 9.9 / 10

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