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Post  Genshin Urara on Wed Feb 02, 2011 5:45 am

It is that time of year!
The annual Consular meeting.
I need you to escort Consular Yamamoto to the Kikiori Ruins, where the meeting is held. You will be his bodyguard once he is there, and you need to watch out because this is a prime oportunity for assassins, since a Consular from every village will be attending. After the meeting is done you will escort him back.

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Post  Kucabara on Thu Feb 03, 2011 2:09 am

Kyosuke kneels in front the Hokage, his and many others' superior.

"I accept, with great honor, Hokage-sama."

In a flash, Kyosuke is gone and in front of the Hokage's Office. He walks down the courtyard and enters Konoha. It is lively as usual, children playing in the streets. A group of Genin and academy students' loud bickering at the Trading Card Shop could be heard throughout. He passes by his favorite ramen joint. The smell of freshly brewed ramen gets stuffed into his nose. If he had the time or if it was another day, Kyosuke would have loved to sit down and chat with his fellow Jonin over a nice bowl of his favorite ramen.

But not today...Today, I will finally get that ANBU invite...And then...

A lustful, sinister look grows in Kyosuke's eyes. As he continues through Konoha, he passes the BBQ joint. Glancing in as he walks by, he sees an old man stuffing his face with steak. As Kyosuke thinks to himself what a pig that guy is, he can't help but feel like that man was familiar. For some reason, it felt like that was the man he supposed to protect.

That's impossible, I'm supposed to meet Yamamoto at his house just outside the-

Suddenly, a loud scream can be heard. It is the bickering between one of the customers and the owner.

"Yamamoto-dono! Just because you are a consular, does not mean you can eat and drink here for free!"

Yamamoto! ...Damn it...

Kyosuke runs over to the BBQ and sees the old man, now standing up in the chef's face pointing fingers. It was quite obvious that he was heavily intoxicated, indicated by the knocked over sake bottle. The consular looks furious as he continues to defend his attempted thievery.

"Now see here, child! I have saved this country in more ways than you can dream off! It is your duty to reprimand my noble deeds with your utter hospitality..."

The old man keels over, and pukes up the steak that he was stuffing his face with earlier. Kyosuke barges in and throws the owner a small bag with the Konoha symbol printed on it.

"There's 300 ryo in that bag. I think that should cover him."

Kyosuke places his arm on the shoulder of the old consular, kneeling over a bit.

"Yamamoto-dono, let's get you washed up alright? You have a meeting to get to, remember?"

The disgruntled old man doesn't really understand much, but he agreed with the random kind voice. Kyosuke guides him out of the BBQ and through the ever-lively streets of Konoha. Hoping he wouldn't run into anybody he knew right now, Kyosuke continues guiding the drunk old fool till they reach the Village Gate. Quickening the pace, the two soon exit Konoha and are soon traveling in the forest. They pass a small creek where several woodland creatures are drinking from. Kyosuke sets the old man down against a tree on the banks of the creek. Cupping his hands, Kyosuke dishes out some water and brings it over to Yamamoto. Yet, instead of letting him drink it, the cruel shinobi throws it directly into the old man's face.

"Wake up, geezer."

"What's-huh? H-How dare you! Do you know who-"

"Yamamoto Gendo, 7th Generation Konoha Consular of the Yamamoto Clan and its proud head for over 30 years. I know exactly who you are."

"How did you..."

"Do you even know what day it is? Today is the Annual Consular Meeting, you old fool! And since you're incapable of getting there by yourself, the Hokage ordered me to get your sorry ass over there in one piece..."

"Why you..!"

The consular gets up and tries to engage into combat with the young shinobi, but stumbles over from his intoxication. Kyosuke laughs mockingly.

"...Although, if you're going to continue being such a nuisance I might as well kill you myself..."

The old sits up and sighs, trying to shake off his drunken stupor.

"Alright, kid, I hear ya... Let's get to my house before we go to the meeting, I need to get some things first."


The old man scoffs and leads the way through the forest to his house. After 20 minutes of walking, Kyosuke begins to feel as if they were going nowhere. Believing the old man to still be drunk he begins to interrogate him.

"How much further, old man?"

"Quit your jabbering. We're almost there..."

Sure enough, it was as the old man said. Just around the corner was the old man's house. Nothing fancy, a regular sized three-bedroom dig. The hired shinobi admires the man's modesty, but before he could make a crack about it he senses three faint chakra readings in the distance.

Somebody's watching us...

Kyosuke would soon learn that taking his eyes off of Yamamoto for even one second can prove to be his gravest mistake. He turns to see the old fool running towards his house.

"This'll just take a second!"

He reaches the front door. Kyosuke breaks into a sprint towards the house.


The house explodes furiously in a hell-storm of flame of debris. The pair suddenly appear a few feet away from the house, Kyosuke panting heavily. His increase in speed cost him a decent amount of chakra, but the burn damage to his right arm was the source.

"Damn it..."

Suddenly, the three chakra readings he sensed before begin to move onto their location, and fast. Kyosuke's sense of urgency jumps up about 10 levels.

"We gotta move, old man! Up, let's go!"

"M-My house!"

Kyosuke shoves the old consular into the forest, they continue to run with no real sense of direction. Finally, they reach the banks of a river, the tumbling of a waterfall can be heard in the distance. On the other side of the river, three figures stand staring at the pair. Their appearances cannot be made out but the chakra identifies them as the three readings that were closing in. On instinct, Kyosuke lunges a smoke-bomb into the sky above the river and darts down the banks. The sound of kunai and shuriken whizzing by them as they run, thudding when they hit the trees. The old man begins to scream and Kyosuke turns his head back to tell him to shut up. As he turns his head back in front of him, he sees that he is about to run off a cliff. Almost falling he quickly regains balance and discovers they've reached the top of the waterfall. As soon as he realizes this, the three chakra readings appear right across the river.
Mission for Hibari 021
Mission for Hibari Adminimagerurouni_kenshin_-_sagara_sanosuke7b3df2f59dee0d2a04c644b3aa8e481b-8535jpg
Mission for Hibari 640px-Hanza_Saiga

Kyosuke instantly recognizes the two swordsman as the deadly mercenaries, the Sagara Brothers. The masked man with light hair remains a stranger to him, but he is the first to speak.

"We will make this simple. Hand over Consular Yamamoto and you may keep your life."

The swordsmen brothers laugh in unison as the leader is clearly depicted. Kyosuke grows a mocking smirk.

"Threatening me without even introducing yourself?"

The masked man squints his eyes.

"It is pointless for me to tell you my name... right before you're about to die, anyway."

The swordsmen brothers move in unison, easily standing on the river with their chakra. They rush toward Kyosuke and Yamamoto, but before they could even cross the river Kyosuke meets them head-on. Wielding dual kunai, he blocks both the brother's first attacks. As soon they make contact the brothers backflip in unison. Kyosuke sees the masked ninja watching from the sidelines.

"So you like to watch, huh? Do you always let others do you your fighting for you?"

The masked man scoffs.

"Ha! Sanosuke and Sosuke are indebted to me... Their power alone should be enough for the likes of you."

The spikey haired swordsmen looks to his slick-back haired older brother.

"Sosuke-niisan...It's time for "that" attack..."

"Heard ya loud and clear, Sanosuke-kun."

Sosuke, the older brother, rushes toward Kyosuke. His style of attacking is much quicker than his younger brother's most likely because of his smaller broadsword. Easily dodging each of Sosuke's high-speed slashes, Kyosuke starts to get suspicious.

This is clearly a distraction... But when is-

Just then, Sanosuke appears behind Kyosuke bursting from the river rapids beneath them. With his great-sword held high above his head, he swings it down with full force. The Konoha shinobi leaps over Sosuke easily, pushing him into his younger brother's incoming attack. Sosuke blocks his brother's blade but the force causes both of them to fall into the water and down the river. Kyosuke smirks victoriously.

"Well that was money well spent."

The masked man begins to look agitated.

"Fool... soon you will learn your place!"

At that moment, a cold mist begins to cover to top of the waterfall. Visibility has been cut down severely, but that wasn't all. The chakra of his enemies completely disappeared as well.

What!? Hidden Mist Technique??

The pitter-patter of footsteps causes the shinobi to become nervous.

Damn it all! I can't see anything! I can't sense them either...

The footsteps become louder and faster.

This is bad!

Cold steel slices across Kyosuke's chest, blood pours out immensely.


The mist fades and the two swordsmen appear in front of their leader, the masked shinobi.

"Hmph. Pathetic."

Kyosuke falls to one knee, blood pouring from his chest. He begins to feel weaker by the minute.

"Damn... it..."

The masked shinobi scoffs, then gives orders to his hired men.

"Sosuke. Sanosuke. Finish the Konoha shinobi. Then, retrieve the consular."

The brother swordsmen slowly approach the heavily damaged Kyosuke. Before they could get any closer, he hurls an exploding kunai at the trio of enemies. A huge fiery explosion covers up the area atop of the waterfall. Two figures splash into the bottom of the waterfall. Kyosuke and Yamamoto wash up on the banks of the river. The masked shinobi and the two swordsmen fall back to reformulate their plan as Yamamoto drags the now unconscious Kyosuke from the river. The old man begins weaving signs and puts his palms out over Kyosuke's body. The deep slash across his chest begins to heal at a rapid rate. Kyosuke regains consciousness and leaps up to his feet.


Realizing where he was and what just happened, Kyosuke calms down. He looks at the old consular inquisitively.

"Where did you learn healing jutsu?"

"I can tell you... but then, I'd have to kill you!"

The old man breaks out into hysterical laughter. Kyosuke stares at the top of the waterfall.

They'll be back...

Kyosuke looks around the environment to get a grip on how far they were from the Kikiori Ruins.

"The meeting shouldn't be that far. Come on, let's get to the Ruins before they catch up to us."

The old man gets up slowly.

"Yeah sure... An old man falls from a waterfall and is totally fine, don't ask him if he's alright or anything..."

"Shut it."

The two tread into the forest once more. After about 10 minutes, they reach the ruins.

We were this close?

The old man begins walking toward the ruins, feeling nostalgic.

"Ah, what a truly wonderful time of year! It brings me back to the first day I came here-"

Not watching were he was walking, the senile old consular trips over what he thinks is a pile of dark rocks. To his dismay, the pile of rocks turns out to be the carcass of a dead Iwagakure shinobi. The old man shrieks in terror flailing about on the ground like a fish out of water. An applause can be heard as a figure walks out from the ruins.

Mission for Hibari SaigaHanza

The masked shinobi enters wielding a strange slug-type creature with a sharp blade attached over his right hand.

"Looks like you finally made it... Too bad you're the last ones to arrive. If you're actually arrived on time then my plan would have been finished with a lot sooner. Truly, a shame...However..."

The masked ninja snaps his fingers and the Sagara brothers appear behind him with two other consulars tied up over their shoulders.

"...It doesn't matter anymore..."

The brothers throw the their hostages in-front of the masked ninja and his slug-like weapon grows two large tentacles. The tentacles grab the two consults, and in almost an instant they disintegrate into nothingness.

"With my Bakuto, I will absorb all the trade secrets of every village and start a new world for shinobi!"

The two swordsmen look at each other with concern as the masked shinobi laughs hysterically. Kyosuke is trying his best to keep his sense of calmness, but the chakra levels coming from the masked man are staggering.

This thick chakra...Its all coming from him? How many people has he absorbed already!?

Before he could finish his thoughts, the Sagara brothers appear in front of Kyosuke slashing madly.


He dodges but barely, the brothers are not messing around this time. The masked man then starts walking over to Yamamoto. Kyosuke then decides to go on the offensive.

"That's it."

From his back he pulls out his signature dual Giant Shuriken, forming out from being folded in an hidden in his Jonin jacket.

"Let's do it!"

Kyosuke's rejuvenation from Yamamoto earlier healing justu made him feel even better from before. His speed and strength easily overpowers the two swordsmen, but it is Sosuke who falls first. Taking a slash across the chest, the older Sagara brother slams against a tree and falls next to the masked shinobi.


"Pay attention!"

Kyosuke's repeated slashes and attacks push Sanosuke back, further away from his fallen brother. The two become locked in blade combat as the masked man becomes impatient.

"I don't have time for this."

His cold eyes look down upon the unconscious Sosuke.

"This will do just fine."

He a twist of his arm, the tentacle from his Bakuto whips out and wraps around Sosuke. Sanosuke, still fighting with Kyosuke, sees this and yells out to the masked man.

"Hanza! What the hell are you doing!?"

"Sorry, Sanosuke. But now that my Bakuto has awakened I longer need you or your pathetic brother."

Sosuke begins to dematerialize. As he fades away, he gives his brother a solemn smile. Then in the next second he vanishes into nothingness.


The swordsmen falls to his knees in utter shock. Hanza laughs maniacally as the Bakuto over his hand begins to mutate extremely. Many tentacles pop out and surround his body, destroying the elaborate armor he was wearing. Kyosuke now senses a terrible force of chakra coming from the insane shinobi.
Mission for Hibari 640px-Saiga_possesed

In half an instant, the transformed Hanza appears right before Kyosuke.

This speed!

Hanza slashes down, power surging from his body. Kyosuke feels his knees buckling from the sheer force of Hanza's swing. Just as soon as Kyosuke's body gives out, Sanosuke appears flanking Hanza with a heavy slash from his great-sword. The mutant Hanza uses his inhuman speed to dodge, then roundhouse kicks Sanosuke into Kyosuke. The two fly into a tree and then to the ground. The mutated Hanza laughs maniacally as a green light begins to emit from the blade of his Bakuto. Sanosuke gets up slowly, and Kyosuke brushes the dirt off his uniform.

"Looks like you've just been expended."

The mercenary scoffs then looks to ground.

"Look, I don't know you are or do I care. Right now, you and I have the same enemy. To avenge my brother... I'll need your help."

Kyosuke looks at the ever-changing Hanza, sensing his immense chakra.

"Alright. But after this, we'll have proper fight to see who's stronger. Alright?"

Sanosuke grows an emphatic smile.

"You're on."

"By the way, the name's Hibari. Hibari Kyosuke."

Sanosuke looks surprised, as well as consular Yamamoto who grows the same look of suprise.

"Wait! Did you just say-"

A sudden burst of green energy rushes toward them, destroying everything in its path. Kyosuke kicks Sanosuke out of the way with enough time to dodge himself. A huge explosion of fire and earth towers behind them, Kyosuke can feel the heat against the back of his neck and heels. They both recover and rush the now inhumanely strong and equally insane Hanza. While sprinting, Kyosuke attempts to come up with a plan.

"Listen! I can finish this in one shot, all you have to do you is keep him busy, got it?"

"When the hell did I become the bait!? You distract him and I'll deliver the finishing blow!"

Another blast of green destructive energy flies toward them. The two warriors nimbly dodge it, as it explodes ferociously behind them. Sanosuke then agrees after seeing the size of the explosion.

"Alright! Go! But I can't guarantee I won't kill him before you do!"

Kyosuke nods and the vengeful swordsman clashes with Hanza. The Konoha ninja prepares gathering chakra for his next technique.
As Sanosuke swings madly at his brother's killer, Hanza laughs mockingly.

"HAHAHA! You two against me! How cute! Let's see how you will fair against this, then!"

Hanza releases his Hidden Mist Technique again and once again the battlefield is covered up in the a thick mist. Kyosuke can still hear the sound of Sanosuke's sword clashing with Hanza's Bakuto, but is unable to pinpoint their location without their chakra readings.

Damn it all...What now?

Sanosuke and Hanza are locked in deadly sword combat as Kyosuke continues charging for his ultimate technique. In the next moment, he hears his new comrade cry out in pain. Blood pours out from Sanosuke's stabwound in his chest, where Hanza's deadly Bakuto blade now resides. Starting to cough blood, Sanosuke begins to laugh in the midst of the searing pain. Hanza thinks that he has finally lost it.

"Ha! Gone mad in front of my incredible power? Or have you simply realized how futile it is to defy me?"

"Actually... I was thinking about how happy I'm going to be once I see my brother smile again."


With all his strength Sanosuke bear hugs Hanza, and then releases all the chakra seals he and his brother planted on before the fight. Once he did that the chakra he was suppressing flushed out all at once. Kyosuke instantly detects Sanosuke's chakra spike and sprints to their location. He leaps in the air and sees the impaled Sanosuke immobilizing Hanza. Everything goes into slow motion as Sanosuke, with a gentle smile and the proudest eyes, nods at Kyosuke floating directly above them. At that moment, Kyosuke knew what he had to do.

...I am...sorry...

A furious wild look grows on Kyosuke's face as hot tears flow from his wild eyes. He thrusts his arms out with his palms open aimed directly at Hanza and Sanosuke.


A tiny shining cube of chakra with a sphere inside of it forms in between Kyosuke's hands. He immediately drops the cube on top of Hanza and it expands 10 times its normal size as Kyosuke spreads his palms apart. Upon contact with the cube, Hanza is instantly ground down to his very molecules and then to dust, his final expression one of utter and complete shock. Sanosuke suffers the same fate, but his face is calm and peaceful the opposite of Hanza's. Smiling, he says his final goodbye to Kyosuke.

"Thank you...Hibari Kyosuke."

Kyosuke lands after nothing but a large, square ditch remains in front of him. He wipes away the tears and stumbles over to consular Yamamoto.

"No problem... So in the end, it turns out you were the stronger one anyway..."

Sanosuke's somber smile haunts Kyosuke's mind as he gives the consular a sour look.

"Come on, geezer. It's time to go home."

He holds out a hand to Yamamoto, with a smile like Sanosuke's. The old man scoffs and grabs his hand. The worn-out pair head back to Konoha as the sun begins to set.

"Man, the Hokage's gonna love to hear about this one..."



Yamamoto stares gingerly at the now sleeping Kyosuke. It is nightfall, just hours after the battle with the Sagara Bros. and Rogue Ninja, Hanza. The pair were just halfway back to the village before Kyosuke collapsed from exhaustion. The old consular set up camp after dragging the young shinobi's body off of the main road. Now, in the dead of night and over a fresh campfire Yamamoto is deep in thought, sitting on a fallen log kneeling over. His right hand strokes his beard while the other just messes with a stick he found.

That boy...He said his name was Kyosuke...

The old man squints his eyes at the boy.

Could he be ...the Demon Theif Kyo banished from the Iwagakure?

Yamamoto throws a pile of dirt into the fire.

If that's true...Then this boy is the lost son of the 3rd Tsuchikage!

As the smoke billows from the dead fire, the old consular takes a rest on a grassy patch. His thoughts drift as floats into a deep slumber.

That boy... will bring about great salvation... or absolute destruction...


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Mission for Hibari Empty Re: Mission for Hibari

Post  Genshin Urara on Fri Feb 04, 2011 4:51 am

Thats all i can say.
Max of 50xp, plus a 15 bonus for an amazing 1st mission.

Mission for Hibari Genshin-urara-2
Name: Genshin Urara
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