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Ranks for Konoha Empty Ranks for Konoha

Post  Genshin Urara on Wed Aug 20, 2008 1:34 pm


1-Academy student
2-4-Genin(can start doing missions){get headband}
5-7-Chounin(can grade only academy students writing){gets chounin jacket,}
8-9-Jounin(can grade only grade genins writing){get jounin jacket}
10-Special Jounin(can grade chounin,genin,and academy students){Get Special Jounin Headband}{gets ANBU invitation, if you choose to be ANBU keep it}

(grading means you award peoples writing with xp)

Once you reach lvl 12 you may become these:
Hokage-It is currently taken, until the current one resigns (gains +6 in all stats, lead konoha)
-gets hokage robe
ANBU-special forces for the Hokage(if you pick this, you gain +3 in all stats, and take missions straight from the Hokage)
-gets ANBU mask
(requires lvl 15)S Class- Legendary Jounin (If pick this [which you need special permission from the Hokage] you gain +7 in all stats, and do your own missions)
-gets legendary item
Missing nin- ninjas who leave there village and become mercenaries. (If you pick this, you gain +5 in all stats, but become hated and hunted down, and cannot do missions)
-gets cracked ANBU mask
Hunter nin- ninjas who are trained for finding, and killing missing nin. (if you pick this you gain +4 in all stats and a "Hunter badge" which gives +1 to all stats, ONLY if your fighting missing nin)
-gets missing nin tracker
(requires lvl 15)Akatsuki- an evil elite force of special ninja (if you choose to be a member of akatsuki, you gain +5 in all stats, and are considered a threat to all villages, hunted down by most ninja, given a "akatsuki ring" which give +2 to 1 stat, and cannot do missions.)
-gets rouge headband

(once you get a bonus for the past lvl 10 ranks plz put them in your signature like this {}. example: if you are an ANBU: strength=4{+3} )
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