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Elements and xp Empty Elements and xp

Post  Genshin Urara on Wed Aug 20, 2008 6:28 pm

ok this page is for teaching about elements and getting xp!

There are 5 elements, Fire,Wind,Lighting,Earth, and Water.
Once you reach the rank Chounin, you are eligible to train to get your Element.
Only after reaching level 9 can you hav more than one element, mixing them together for a devastating combo.
*IMPORTANT* you MUST train to get your element, make sure to make the writing interesting...after all it is a big step.

XP is given for every time you write a mission,training session, or omake(short story)
the max XP one person can get for writing a training session or omake is 20
Once you or your squad is given a mission you can do it and get 40 xp maximum
each person has xp /100 once you get past that 100 you level up giving you 2 more points to add to your stats.
When you rank up(ex. your a academy student and u rank up to gennin), you ger 2 bonus points which u put in brackets next to ur stat points....

once u rank up more you can change the +2 to a +4 if you like or add it in another stat.

any questions about these two things plz post here.
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