Takeshi training his conjuration

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Takeshi training his conjuration Empty Takeshi training his conjuration

Post  demonhunter94 on Sun Sep 14, 2008 4:26 pm

Takeshi, after waking up decided to go train his conjuration skill. He goes to a plain field to start training on resurrecting a dead bird instead of summoning. Unaware of the KIA ninja graveyard, by reading the forbidden section of his spell book ignoring all warnings, accidently resurrects all former ninjas. Takeshi, seeing all the ninja are outraged runs back to the village trying to lose the fallen ninja, they follow him to the village. Takeshi trying to warn all villagers about the incident so that they close the village gates. The villagers just laughed and walked on, then the ninjas reach the village, destroying everything in there way. Takeshi told the villagers to fend them off while he draws the death seal. The villagers start charging at the ninjas trying to hold them off, Takeshi bites his thumb then he draws the death seal with his blood. Takeshi grabs his spell book then starts to read the spell out loud, he notices that all the ninja start walking back to the KIA field to go back where they came from. All the villagers start to cheer, he was a little scared thinking the villagers would be mad at him but since they didnt believe him and that he fixed it so they let this one go. While walking back home Takeshi thinks about what has happened. He learned a valuable lesson about resurrecting the dead and why its a forbidden technique, he shall study harder into controlling and summoning the undead. Takeshi says " i think thats enough for today " and goes back home.

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Takeshi training his conjuration Empty Re: Takeshi training his conjuration

Post  Genshin Urara on Sun Sep 14, 2008 4:38 pm

lol nice story 13 xp awarded

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