Kuran is back II.

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Kuran is back II. Empty Kuran is back II.

Post  xxxxkurankanamexxxx on Thu Sep 18, 2008 5:09 pm

As Light was at the door Kuran was shock "Light....." "Kuran i cam for my remach." Kuran wasn't in any conditon to fight but he agrred so they went to the forest. He was thinking "Am not in any condtion" Light rush at him Kuran jump and kick him. He was thinking "If i lose i die" Light punch him continueing with out stoping. As Kuran cough out tons of blood he falls while Light continues Kuran eye filled with black chakra Hollow:"If you die i will to." Kuran:"Who are you. " Light punch him this last time in his gut. Kuran cough out more blood His whole body filled with black chakra Light jump away.

Kuran kick him Light dodge his attack and punch him hollow was getting sireouse now "It is time Ichigo you will die" Ichigo:"No u will" Hollow laugh lol! Your end is here Shiro slash Ichigo "Back off Ichigo befor i kill u my self" Shiro jump at Kuran and kept on slashing him Ichigo flew Kuran had alot of wonds becaouse of Shiro Hollow activated half chakra on Shiro and kick him Hollow jump on Light and stab his heart out Shiro:"LIGHT!!!! YOU FOOL!!" Light body disapeard Light stab Kuran back Hollow:"This is the end Light Yagami!!" He slam Ichigo to the tree Shiro couldnt stop Kuran Hollow:"Your going back to the hospital now" Hollow ues all his chakra on this last blast the chakra form in his mouth. He shot it Shiro jump in the way uesing a shlied protecting him and Light. Kuran fainted Light push Shiro out the way and walk to Kuran Light:This is your end" Ichigo jumps and attacks Light Punches him in his face. Light fanited for all his wonds. Kuran"Are fight isnt over we will continue it someorther day a fight to death." Kuran closes his eyes.

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Kuran is back II. Empty Re: Kuran is back II.

Post  Genshin Urara on Thu Sep 18, 2008 5:42 pm

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Kuran is back II. Genshin-urara-2
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