Kuran is back III.

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Kuran is back III. Empty Kuran is back III.

Post  xxxxkurankanamexxxx on Thu Sep 18, 2008 7:37 pm

Kuran and Light were still knock out Sleep Shiro:"Ichigo their was demon out their you could of died." Ichigo:"Shiro shut up i knew what i was doing." Kuran and light were still knock out Shiro:"YOU DIDN'T KNOW NOTING ICHIGO!!" Ichigo:"I DIDN'T JUST ATTACK TO SHOW OFF!!!" Shiro:"*Sigh*." Kuran woke up and sat up quick Kuran:"AHHH!" Shiro:"You need rest Kuran You were hurt bad b ut not as bad as he was." Kuran looks at Light Shocked Kuran: "What the hell is he doing here." Kuran lays down and thinks about that last fight their gonna have to the death. Kuran:"Who one this fight?" Shiro:"No one." Kuran:"A draw." (Two weeks later) Kuran out of bed and starts to work out Kuran was setting his bed he lift up his pillow a note Kuran:"What is this?" He opens it Light:"Iwould of killed you in your sleep but it would'nt be fair 1 week meet me at death forest." Kuran went to sleep getting read for training tommorow.

The next day 7:00am Kuran starts working out he gose to the forest he sets up training matireals he jumps and closes his eyes trowes kunai's at evry target and dummys attacking him trew diffrent directions he didn't know but he heard them he dodge them all and distroyed them all with kunai's at them kunai's flew at him diffrent directions un notice able either like 200 out of each shooter. He blocks them all with just his eyes close he heard them he 200 more came but with bombs Kuran didn't know they were tag with bombs he heard it pop so he started to send them back. he was thinking were was it comeing from.(A week later.) Kuran left early that day 6:00am. He gose to the death forest he takes a nap their untill he hears foot steps 8:00am he woke up Light:"You came i see." Kuran:"You bet am not gonna miss out on this." Light disapears Kuran closes his eyes Light jumps 4rm behind Kuran upered cut him jump up n kneed him down.

Light Kick Kuran up and disapeared on top of him and kick him with full force down Kuran:"..." Kuran jump back up kick him up higher punch him higher and set bombs on him and kick him down with full force. As they pop he fell down and Kuran added extra force on to him Light cough blood he slam Kuran to many trees from left to right bakeing them Kuran was bleeding Kuran stood up and jump at him with bombs tied around him and they both blew up but that what Light thinks. Kuran was standing on a tree looking down at him with him blowing up Light looks at Kuran Light:"This isnt close to being over." Light: "and i prepared for that lilttel demon of yours to." Kuran:"What demon?" Kuran jump at him but quicky disapeard moveing all around him like crazy Kuran appeared in front of him. Light fell Light:"AHHH!" Light punch,Kick,slam him to alot of trees punch him a way lot more it over Kuran... Kuran was getting smash trew alot of things Light drop him Light:"What happnd to that demon of yours?" Kuran:"W....What demon?"

Light punch him and said "Don't pay dumb with me." Kuran fell and Light kick him around punch him toss him and put bombs around him Hollow:"You were talking about me were'nt you?" Kuran:"Stop it am not letting you this time it my own fight!!" Kuran bare hugs Light and they both blow up Kuran opens his eyes and stares down at Light with Kuran:"You really can't tell a diffrent trrew a clone and a real person can you?" Kuran attacks him Hollow takes over slowly on the inside Kuran punching him with more power every secound Light grabs his last blow and Kuran punches him with his orther hand. Light trips him and stomps his face Light"AHHH! IT OVER FOR YOU KURAN!!!" Kuran get taken over just in a heart beat Kuran not their no more Hollow:"Those last words Kuran said it was me i wanted to end this.Now am gonna end this now." Hollow stroke at him with full froce on his face Light went flying Hollow:"now for the final blow" all of hollow chakra forms in his mouth including Kuran it self he launches the blast at him.

Light those the shlied but it dosent hold on it brakes trew and hits Light "Ahhhhh!!!!!" Light still lives after that shot with his last energy he says "I will come back hollow i will come back and stronger to defeat you!" his body disapears. Hollow leaves and Kuran faints.

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Kuran is back III. Empty Re: Kuran is back III.

Post  Genshin Urara on Thu Sep 18, 2008 8:37 pm

hey nice one dude!
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