The Seal can do more... Part II

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The Seal can do more... Part II Empty The Seal can do more... Part II

Post  Itachi on Thu Sep 18, 2008 12:04 am

RIIIIIIIIIIIING!! As the alarm goes off and Nowe wakes up."WHAT?!Im gonna be late!!" as Nowe rushes to his training session."You're late." says sensei as he is arriving."But I got here 1st." says Nowe."Don't backsass me." says a corrected,and backsassed,sensei."Well lets begin.Here,try to form this." Nowe takes the scroll from sensei."What's this?Somekind of sword?Mine's better."says Nowe."Just follow my orders,and do as you're told.Sorry,I haven't had breakfast and I get a little cranky." "Alright..." says Nowe as he prepares to do his jutsu.Nowe then summons his new sword succesfully."Now.Try to hit that tree from your posission." Nowe swings sword at tree from a long distance.The blade separates into tied together pieces that have spikes on the sides and slices through the tree.Nowe freezes."What?--" ."Not such a lame sword now,is it?You see,this sword,as you just saw,acts as a dangerous bladed whip that can be easily manouvered to strike unsuspecting opponents from affar.Be careful though.The chakra flow changes as it's stretched,so don't let it run through the whole sword mindlessly.Now,here's a list of targets you're supposed to hit with your sword's whib ability.Now go destroy those targets." ,Nowe nods and then heads off with his new weapon to search for the targets.

As Nowe heads for the 3rd target he finds an injured woman.Nowe then focuses on helping her,The woman says:"Save yousef...behind you!!" .Nowe turns as a ninja snuck up on him.He then summoned his new sword.The ninja impressed tries to keep his distance.Nowe then strikes,turnung sword into a whip and injusring him greatly.Then the ninja runs away in fear.Nowe lets him escape because he need to save the woman 1st.Nowe vanishes sword and asks her what happened.The woman answers:"Did he get away?...I need to catch him." says the weak girl.She tried to stand up and pursue him but cannot stand up.Nowe carries her to safety.He carries her to the city as all the civilians gather around to see what is happening.Sensei then wonders what is it all about.Surprised,he saw Nowe right before he russhed inside the hospital.

Nowe stays with the girl until she wakes up."Are you feeling alright?" asks Nowe."Where am I?I'm--I'm alive?!" asks the woman surprised.Nowe then explains everything."I see..." says the girl.Sensei walks into the room."Nowe can I talk to you?" asks sensei."What is it?" replies Nowe."What happened?" asks sensei."I was on my way to the 3rd target,I saw a young woman on the floor." answers Nowe."Ok,well we'll have to postpone our training.In the meanwhike we'll guard you little girlfriend over here." says sensei."You know,if it was some one I know,but,some one I just met?" adds Nowe.Nowe heads out wondering what that ninja was doing.Nowe then remembers something and heads to where he previously found the girl...

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The Seal can do more... Part II Empty Re: The Seal can do more... Part II

Post  Genshin Urara on Thu Sep 18, 2008 12:26 am

sweet, love the new swords, thats kickass!!!
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